About us

About Elephantje

Elephantje has been recognized on the market as a highly reliable rollator since its introduction in 2004. While all other rollators are going for saving and cheaper construction, .Elephantje has been firm on his on-going journey for improvement of quality, reliability and users-friendly.

CHK makes rollators only, so Elephantje rollators have all our attentions, efforts & full resources to make them good, and better…!

To start, we pay great attention to remarks from users of all rollators (including Elephantje) to learn what are important to him/her. Our representatives constantly visit rollator users for their valuable opinions.

Then we translate these opinions into our products. This on-going process have been optimizing Elephantje Light Rollator from every small but important details.

So Elephantje Light Rollator is not a Product of CHK, it is a common creation by all users!


Also from users we are aware of an increasing demand for a higher Elephantje rollator, which shall be lighter, more compact, and most of all less shaking effect on handles when driving on the bumpy floor.

After years of research and development, we launch our Elephantje Delux, fulfilling all those wishes. In addition to those features Elephantje Delux is a beautiful designed rollator, selling at least 25% lower than the same category of rollators on today’s market.

Having the best ratio of Quality & Price, Elephantje Rollators are always considered as