CHK B.V. is a sole supplier of Elephantje rollators, one of the most important and well recognized brand of quality rollators in Dutch market.

Being a professional rollator supplier, we constantly upgrade our rollator based on the feedback of the end user. With such efforts, we have been delivering our Elephantje over the last few years into the market with all the highest quality standard certificates, such as TUV, CE, GQ, and LUQY ect. Located in Rotterdam, we are able to offer our best After-sale service to all our customers in the most professional and efficient manner.

You are kindly invited to give us your valuable comments and remarks to make Elephantje an even more friendly aid to you and your family.

CHK B.V. - Vareseweg 67-69 - 3047 AT Rotterdam - - T +31 (0) 10 462 65 88 - F +31 (0) 10 262 47 68